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BE Pressure Washer Repair Help

Buy BE Pressure Washer repair parts and get that old washer running new again!

Pressure washers can really take a beating on any job site these days. BE Pressure Washers are built tough, but even the normal daily wear and tear will take a toll on the overall components of the pressure washer. Clogged nozzles, bent wands, cracked wheels, and sized water pumps are common issues to encounter. Simply buying the needed repair parts can save you hundreds of dollars in a new washer purchase. Another common call we get is for unloader valves. Pressure washer unloader valves wear with time and need to be checked and replaced if needed. Just changing out your unloader valve can save you money in pressure washer pump repairs year after year.

The motor health of your BE Pressure Washer is important as well. Many BE Pressure Washers that are belt-driven have clutches or pulleys in them. There is never a need to buy a new motor, costing a lot of money when an inexpensive bearing or key can fix the issue. Call in now to speak with one of our service technicians to find out more.

BE Air Compressor Fixes

Keep your air compressor ready for work at all times with the right parts!

There is nothing better than an air-powered nail gun or rivet gun with your BE Air Compressor. There is nothing worse than getting on a job site and not having the air power to run them. Most every time this happens it can be directly linked to a piston rink kit or a tank leak. Always keep an eye on the health of your BE Air Compressor looking for wearables that can be easily changed out and get you back up and running in no time!

When changing out the gasket kits be sure to keep track of how all the parts will align back together! It is even a great idea to take pictures as you go off the repair especially if you plan on spreading the work out over time. You would not believe how many calls we get for diagrams and wire schematics from customers around the globe.

The BE Company History

BE Power Equipment has been in business making quality machinery for over 30 years. It all started with Braber Equipment which was founded back in 1969 by Bill Braber. Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Their focus was on quality, service, and support which became the company pillars that drove the business forward into more and more expanding markets. Many years later in 1991, Bill's son, Nick Braber, established BE Pressure Supply. BE quickly became Canada's largest manufacturer of pressure washers and equipment. Under Nick's leadership today, BE Pressure grew to four global manufacturing facilities throughout the world. In 2018 the company name was changed to BE Power Equipment to better reflect the diversity of products now encompassing water pumps, air compressors, and even generators.

Built on strong family roots, today's third-generation owner Curtis Braber continues to build on the values developed by previous family generations. BE Power Equipment is proud to be one of the largest manufacturers in North America focusing on high-quality pressure washers, air compressors, and many other quality power outdoor machines. Today in 2022, BE Power Equipment is excited to be celebrating thirty years of serving industrial markets in over 30 countries around the world.

There is always something new going on at the BE Equipment Company. They continually enhance their market value position by developing new machinery that extends their international reach, adding unique product lines, and broadening their distribution and service locations. They also continue to develop and introduce new and innovative products and ideas for the homeowner and professional alike in all target markets to get the job done faster and at the same time saving time and money. Customer Service and tech support are key elements of any business and BE is a champion in doing that while supplying the quality service that customers deserve and expect.

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